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Art.1 Riders



IRON BIKE is an individual or two persons team race. Riders shall declare if they participate in team or individually at the time of registration, they can change their decision to participate in team or individually only until one month before  the race, after that date no change can be made. IRON BIKE has to be considered a very demanding race inspired to the Paris-Dakar Rally. The minimum age to participate is 16 years (parents’ authorization required for the minors).



Art.2 Image



Riders undertake not to show obscene, political and/or religious advertising or any other type of advertising that could be in conflict with the official race sponsors and/or with the organizers. Race leaders or those riders who win free participations to other races must wear the IRON BIKE jersey, upon request of the organizers. Riders accept to grant their permission to use their images taken during the event.



Art.3 Requirements 

Riders must show a valid licence for Competitive Cycling issued by a national or international Cycling Federation .
Riders without valid licence can get one, at a cost of 39,00 euros to be confirmed, the day of the sign in provided that they show the following:
- medical certificate issued by a sport doctor or sports medicine centres testifying they have been visited and declared able for competitive cyclism
Only MTB bicycles will be allowed to start the race. Bicycle parts can be replaced at any moments, the whole bicycle can be replaced in case of frame breaking after having given communication to the O.C. Racers who intend to use motorized bicycles will not enter the overall ranking.



Art.4 Stage Starts



Official stage start will be usually preceded by a briefing explaining all stage details.



Art.5 Starting order



At the end of each stage, a stage classification and an overall classification will be shown. The starting order of the following stage will be the reverse of the overall classification. Exceptions are possible.



Art.6 Special stages



Each stage can include one ore more special stages, which can be consecutive or separated by transfer road sections. When a Special Stage has to be stopped the following rule of the rally’s regulation will be applied: “when a Special Stage has to be stopped for adverse weather conditions of following a decision of the Racing Officials (normally for safety reasons), before the last rider has covered it, a classification for the Stage may be established by allocating to each rider which has been unable to complete the stage because of the interruption, the slowest time set (in his/her category) before the interruption. Should the race Officials consider the slowest time set as abnormal, they may choose as the scratch time the one among the four slowest which seems the most suitable. This classification may be drawn up even if only one rider has been able to cover the stage in normal racing conditions.”



The race will start again in the first place that can be reasonably linked to the race course (bypass road).



When the Special Stage must be definitely stopped by the Race officials because of prior agreement taken with Local Authority Boards (particularly in foreign countries) the aforesaid rule must be accepted by the riders without any complaint whatsoever.



Art.7 Refreshment points



One or more refreshment points are provided along the stages, to supplement the food taken by each rider according to his/her personal needs.



Art.8 Checkpoints



On each stage there will be one or more checkpoints. Hidden checkpoints are not excluded. Riders who are not detected when passing one or more checkpoints or who come from the wrong direction will receive the highest penalty foreseen.



Art.9 Safety provisions



Riders must wear a helmet during the entire race, they must also carry an emergency kit, which must include following mandatory items:(supplied or not by the Organizing Committee).



- Whistle,



- Aluminium survival blanket,



- Rain-proof, windbreaker jacket,



- Mobile phone,



- a lighting system by bike lamp or headlamp (when required by the Organizing Committee)



The number of the mobile phone must be communicated to he Organizing Committee the day of the scrutineering, its functioning will be checked the first day. It must be kept in a shock proof cover and must be carried all along the race. The mobile phone must be used by the riders to immediately inform the racing officials about any accident the rider notice or to be contacted by the racing officials.



It must be used specially in case of withdrawal from the race, for whatever reason. Failure to inform the racing officials may cause difficult and expensive search and rescue operations that will be charged to the rider.



Search and rescue operations will be planned and carried out by the Organizing Committee according to the situation. In case of injury the rider shall be rescued with proper means and taken to the nearest hospital where any obligations by the Organizing Committee cease.



In case of simple withdrawal the rider shall be sent to the collection points and driven to the base camp at the end of the stage. The recovery of the bike, if possible, and its transfer to the base camp shall be carried out with any means and with the greatest care, the Organizing Committee cannot be held responsible for any damages occurred. The recovered bike will only be returned to its owner.



In order to guarantee the emergency communications between participants and racing officials a deposit of 100 Euro will be required to each competitor. Should the participant not communicate to the racing officials in due time its withdrawal from the race then the deposit will not be refunded.



The officials shall check the mobile phone and the compulsory items both at the scrutineering and during the race.



Art.10 Accommodation



The competitors are obliged to sleep at the base camp in a tent, in the open air or in makeshift accommodations. Accommodation in hotels or mobile homes or camper are in any case excluded and not allowed.



Art. 11 Luggage



The organization grants the transfer of riders' luggage (30 kilos max including tent but excluding any prize won during the race) to the base camps during the whole race. Luggage handling will be done using utmost care, it can however not be held responsible for any damages occurred to fragile goods not properly packed and protected as well as for road or air transport of the riders’ bikes . Luggage shall be weighed the first day, exceeding luggage must be left in each own car. Riders must remove their tents and load them with their luggage on the luggage vehicle at least half an hour before the start of the first racer or when indicated by the Organizers during the stage briefing.



A reduced luggage (20 Kilos max = max 50 litres capacity = mountain rucksack) is required in high altitude camps, or where expressly indicated by the Organizers. This limit can be further reduced in case of extreme conditions.



Riders delivering late their luggage will incur in the same penalties foreseen for delays on the stage target time.



Art. 12 Riders obligations



Competitors and supporters are obliged to respect the environment. No littering or damage to the environment or any waste whatsoever (water bottles, packaging, bike spares, etc) left on the road and in the locations of the stages will be tolerated. Disposing of garbage of any kind will lead to disqualification. Riders are asked to follow the itinerary, to help other competitors, to inform the Organizer Committee using the cell phone in case of accident, to privilege sportsmanship and fairness, and to conform to any Organizing Committee’s decision.



Riders must observe at all times during the race all traffic regulations in force.



Art. 13 Times



For each stage will be fixed the starting time, the target time (theoretical riding time) and the maximum time (cut-off time).



Art.14 Penalties



Stage: 10 points for every minute of delay over the target time (theoretical riding time), i.e. the difference between the target time and the arrival recorded time.



Special stage: 1 point for every second of delay over the best special stage time.



10000 points will be charged for: skipping over one stage, not finishing a stage, exceeding the maximum time (cut-off time), failure to respect even one checkpoint, failure to wear the helmet, lack of compulsory equipment or equipment out of order, violation of the safety rules, showing up at the start later than half an hour after the starting time, in thi case the rider could even not be allowed to start.



On departure from the base camp for a transfer section, the competitor may arrive later than his/her scheduled starting time (but not over half an hour later), while for the start of the Special Stage, he/she can start when he/she wishes, without any extra time added, but should the start from the base camp (or stage start) coincide with the start of the special stage the rider cannot use the above mentioned option and his/her Special Stage time will run as from the time of the official START (with the application of the penalties as foreseen for the Special Stages.)



In some, for example for safety reasons or force majeure, cut-off gates may be introduced.



In case of withdrawal each biker must inform officials by phone at emergency numbers without delay. In the event that only one team member withdraw for personal reasons, the other team member can decide to continue the race individually with a penalty of 500 points. Tandem bikes will be considered as teams.









Art. 15 Finishers



The Riders who do not finish all stages within the maximum time and those who exceed 30000 (50000 for women) penalty points, even though they have finished all stages, will not be considered Ironbike Finishers (they will not therefore receive the finisher T-shirt). The penalty points given for having exceeded the maximum time take into account only delays over the target time.



Art. 16 Prologue



The race will be preceded by a prologue which determines the first ranking and therefore the starting order of the first stage. The prologue must be considered as a stage, a coefficient can be applied and in case of equality in final results, the ranking of the prologue will be considered.



Art.17 Coefficient



The O. C. reserves the right to modify the route, if necessary for incidental reasons, and/or add part of route particularly interesting for the image and to insert coefficients - always previously declared and not applicable after - in order to multiply the penalties’ ratio.



Art.18 Fairness



The O. C. undertakes to offer the bikers a situation of equality and to consider all of them on the same level, also from a psychological point of view, making all necessary actions in order to level privileges deriving from being familiar with the race’s route, from the nearness to the family, or the assistance from unauthorised persons or staff which is not part of the organisation (art. 12 - last paragraph). Biker’s personal assistance can assist only by the official assistance points indicated on the Road Book.



Art. 19 Protests



Any protest including evidence of the same must be submitted in writing and signed to the race jury within half an hour after the posting of the order of arrival. A fixed deposit (Federal Committee € 50,00) must accompany any protest before the protest will be considered. If the protest is not upheld the deposit shall not be refunded The name of the claimant shall or not be disclosed. Deposit can be returned only if the protest is upheld.



Art.20 Registration



The entries will close when the entrant list reaches the target number. The O.C. reserves the right to refuse an entry without having to give reasons for such refusal.



Art. 21 Prize-giving



The prize giving ceremony will take place in the afternoon of the last stage. The prizes can be cumulative and they will be exclusively handed to the winners personally. Prizes in categories will only be paid if there are at least 3 racers in the category, otherwise the racers will participate only to the general classification.



The free registrations to races or the travel gift vouchers given as prizes can be sold or offered to outsiders and shall be used on other dates, upon agreement with the organizers.



Art. 22 Supporters



Riders can have a personal assistance vehicle at every base camp, the vehicle, with its own identification decal supplied by the organizers, must be driven by a registered person, accredited as support person. The vehicle shall display the Ironbike logo as well as those of any partners indicated by the organizers.  Entry fee for each supporter is 250,00 Euro. It is possible to register supporters until June 30th, after that date the O.C. does not assure registration and price, especially for supporters driving big vehicles (such as motor homes). Support Persons identified by an identification bracelet are allowed to:



- sleep at the base camp and use all services and meals reserved to the riders,



- give assistance to the riders at the official refreshment points indicated on the road book as well as at the base camp.



Non accredited persons are NOT ALLOWED to use services and meals neither to give any kind of assistance to riders. Failure to comply to his Article will lead to: verbal warning at the first reprimand, 5000 points of penalty at the 2nd and disqualification abandoning the race at the 3rd.



The supporters will be identified by a bracelet and their cars by an identification decal.



All persons without identification badge have no right to use services and to receive meals provided by the Organisation.



Art. 23 AOB



The O. C. has the right to modify the present regulations at any time giving notice on the web site, (about the distance, the base camp locations, or their number). Any modification made during the race which becomes integral part of this regulation will be notified during the daily briefing and/or by numbered information bulletins.



Art. 24 Cancellation Policy
Refund policy: 80% of the entry fee shall be refunded in case of withdrawal submitted  within May 31st, 50% within June 30th, no refund after that date. The date in which the withdrawal is submitted to the O.C. is considered valid for the refund. The refund policy is valid both for the bikers and for the accompanying persons.



Art. 25 External services



The technical assistance and the massage service will be carried out by an Organization's partner company according to common sales terms. Each competitor shall carefully check that any repairs or replacements are workmanlike performed. The Organisation cannot be held responsible for damages due to badly made repairs.



Art. 26 References



For any subjects not considered in this regulation will be considered valid the regulation of the UDACE federation in force. In case of misunderstandings the Italian version prevails.



Art. 27 Withdrawals during the race



Riders that decide to withdraw or disqualified having reached 30000 penalties can continue the race as bike tourist or follow it by his own car or a companion’s car. He is allowed to use all logistic services foreseen for the participants, except the time keeping and the emergency rescue in case he rides outside the itinerary of the competition or in delay on the scheduled time (after the rescue team that follows the last competitor). The competitor disqualified by the Panel of Stewards of the meeting for infringements will have to abandon the raid.



Art. 28 Bib Number



Riders are obliged to display the original (unmodified, unfolded and without adding anything) bib number (the starting number is neither to be changed nor to be made smaller) and the other marks supplied by the organization, in particular the national flag. On the helmet the racer can add any other identification whatsoever. notwithstanding the provisions of Art. 2. Failure to comply to his Article will lead to: verbal warning at the first reprimand, 5000 points of penalty at the 2nd and disqualification abandoning the race at the 3rd.



Art. 29 Briefing
The briefing before each stage will be translated in the most common languages, and will supply all necessary information to find the route and other key information such as difficulties etc regarding the stage itself, target times and maximum times will be also communicated at the briefing. Riders must therefore participate to the stage briefing (teams cen be represented by only one member).



The Organization shall not be held responsible for any accidents or damages incurred before, during and after the race and reserves the right to refuse any entry at its discretion.






Encl. “J”



Normal luggage must weigh 30 kg , except where the organizer otherwise provides.



A reduced luggage shall be required in high altitude camps: 50 lt capacity ( 20 kg ) rucksack, except where the organizer otherwise provides.



MANDATORY ITEMS to be carried along the race course



(they may be checked at any time during the race):



ñ    Rigid or suspension MTB



ñ    approved bicycling helmet



ñ    Whistle



ñ    Silver rescue blanket



ñ    Mobile phone



ñ    Dry waterproof or water resistant jacket



ñ    Lighting (flashlight or head lamp) (when required by the O.C.)



MANDATORY ITEMS FOR CAMPING (it may be checked):



ñ    Cutlery, tableware and glass



ñ    Sandals or soft shoes (for admittance in indoor areas in case of bad weather)









for camping:



ñ    Tent



ñ    Treated proofed sleeping bag and mat (camps can be at altitudes of 3000 metres )



ñ    Small lamp



For the race:



ñ    2-3 bike pants



ñ    2-3 jersey



ñ    2-3 pairs of socks



ñ    Dry waterproof or water resistant jacket (MANDATORY) GORE-TEX is good for wind and rain



ñ    2/3 pair of gloves (we suggest something waterproof and full finger)



ñ    glasses (goggles/sunglasses)



ñ    bike shoes



ñ    knit hat that can be worn under a cycling helmet in cold weather



ñ    protein bars and energetic drinks and drinking water according to personal needs



ñ    first aid kit



ñ    Full length pants or tights



ñ    Fleece (stays warm when wet, and dries quickly)



ñ    Consider a waterproof hat to protect you from the sun or rain



After the race:



ñ    t-shirts



ñ    shorts, long pants or jeans



ñ    fleece jackets



ñ    hicking footwears



ñ    waterproof jacket



ñ    warm hat, gloves



For bike maintenance:



ñ    4/5 spare tubes



ñ    1/2 spare tyres



ñ    spoke nipple pan



ñ    chain tool



ñ    chain lube



ñ    spare flasks




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